Project Koe at Your Desk

The office can wreak havoc on your fitness and health goals. With long staff meetings and endless conference calls, it’s easy to give in to a sedentary lifestyle during the work week. Plus, if your office is anything like my former employer, there are snacks galore (it’s always someone’s birthday!), so temptation is great. Early morning meetings and late night strategy sessions can add up to an entire week of inactivity. If a lunch hour workout isn’t an option (lunch hour? what’s that?!), then here are a few traditional martial arts moves you can do right in the privacy of your office, cubicle or empty conference room.

So go ahead and claim a few minutes of the day for yourself, throw some punches and kicks, and warn your co-workers that you’re going to feel energized and powerful when you’re done. They might not want to argue with you over those budget numbers….

Steps for Fitness

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Breathing Exercises

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“I think this program was really fun. I am interested in learning this form of martial arts. I think you’re a good teacher, great music!”
J., age 14
“This program is really fun and I hope that it can continue. Ki-ahh!”
B.L., 9th grade
“I LOVE it!!! I get tired though.”
A.S., age 15