Koe in the Classroom

For the teenage class, prior to the fitness warm-up, we engage students in a brief discussion relevant to youth. Students are given “fitness journals,” personalized with their names in Japanese calligraphy, to record their thoughts on various discussion topics, Topics may include: healthy eating decisions, the importance of drinking water, the long-term benefits of good posture, the physical and emotional necessity of regular exercise, and, of course, the power in finding one’s voice.

Students then engage in a 30-minute, modified PK Kickboxing class. The class is a mix of fitness and martial arts. Upbeat hip-hop remixes are played to keep the students motivated and enthusiastic

Koe in the classroom is a 45-minute program for high school-age students that can be conducted during school PE time or as an after-school program. All instructors are trained in the basic movements of Shorin-ryu style karate. The instructors have a brief, approximately 10-minute exchange with students on a health-related topic, and then all students who choose to participate in the fitness routine learn basic karate kicks and strikes while moving to upbeat music.

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The first ten minutes of each class are spent in discussion. The instructor engages with the students on a variety of health, fitness and social topics that are relevant to youth. For example, during “water week,” students are given water bottles and additional small prizes as awards for answering specific questions about the importance of drinking water. They love the idea of earning prizes for their health knowledge, and put their hands high in the air when they have an answer…or even a GUESS! Instructors can also lead a discussion on various other health and fitness areas, such as the importance of good skin care, including the regular use of sunblock, the long and short-term benefits of good posture, the physical AND emotional benefits of exercise, and, most importantly, the power of speaking up.

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Students are taught to kiai, or find their “battle-cry” the first day of class. Each additional session the instructor will make sure to allow opportunities for a kiai during class. When we say find your voice, we mean it literally! All PK instructors explain the critical difference between a kiai, which helps give additional power and strength, and a high-pitched scream. Students are encouraged to experiment to find their own, best battle-cry. Music is turned up during practice, and turned down for instruction. The students learn basic kicks and strikes, using both the right and left sides of the body. Instructors will mix some standard fitness moves, such as jumping jacks and body weight squats, with balance drills and self-defense skills.

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All participants are provided with a PK-logo tank top or tee-shirt to take home. Classes can be done in 4-week sessions, or 1-afternoon seminars. We request that class size not exceed 30 students. Contact nicole@projectkoe.org for additional information.

NEW FOR 2016!


Are you interested in a Koe in the Classroom program for your group, but your school or facility isn’t located near New York City? We have a “train-the-trainer” manual that we can email to you that will allow you to develop your own PK routine. We can provide you with everything you need for a successful class!

The PK manual includes a brief history of traditional, Okinawan-style karate, a breakdown of the most basic strikes and kicks, and multiple combination options. It includes several 45-minute class programs, or you can mix-and-match and make your own! All train-the-trainer manuals come with live video assistance, including Skype meetings to provide more accurate demonstrations and to answer questions.

A full program, including 20 Project Koe black tank tops or white tee-shirts (sizes s-xl), is available for $199.99. The program includes up to two Skype meetings for assistance with developing the class. Other PK materials, including water bottles and sunblock, can be shipped for an additional fee. For larger class sizes, contact nicole@projectkoe.org to discuss pricing.

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“This program was really fun. It made me actually get up and exercise without feeling like I’m exercising. I now know how to punch.”
“Great class! It’s good for girls to better their self-defense.”
AG, 10th grade
“I really like it. It was fun and not too tiring and it kept me pumped.
S.P., age 15