Regarding PK Kickboxing:

  • “I really liked the variety in the program. The instructor makes everyone feel good about their level of participation.” Lynn, age 50.
  • “Nicole’s class is AWESOME, but she is evil! She kicks my butt every week.” Dana, age 45.
  • “Nicole’s class is a terrific all-body workout, and it’s great for clearing the mind. Let me be honest – it’s really hard! I wasn’t good at anything to start. Little by little, my skills have developed under Nicole’s firm but forgiving guidance.” Terry, age 55.
  • “I love this class, I never miss it if I can help it. I have lost weight and inches in all the right places!” T.E.
  • “I love Nicole’s class – in fact, I’m obsessed! The workout is fun AND challenging and my body always ‘hurts so good’ the next day. I feel great since I started and it’s TOTALLY EMPOWERING!” Jaclyn, age 30

Regarding Koe in the Classroom:

  • “I really enjoyed these lessons. It gave me a chance to get away from my negative and stressful thoughts. J.A-P, age 14
  • “ProjectKoe is a very fun organization. Nicole is energetic and supportive. ProjectKoe helps participants stay fit, while learning very useful self-defense skills. Overall, I’d like to participate in this class again. R.B., 10th grade
  • “This was very exciting and I truly enjoyed myself. I learned a lot and I am excited that they are teaching young people (especially women) to have their own voice. Thank you.” S.G, age 15
  • “I really enjoyed this. I would love to take the 12-week course because it was amazing. Great way to stay fit, let out anger and learn in a fun way. L.G., age 16
  • “I think this program was really fun. I am interested in learning this form of martial arts. I think you’re a good teacher, great music!” J., age 14
  • “I like this program and I would try it again. I think we should get longer breaks!” B.G., age 15
  • “I really like it. It was fun and not too tiring and it kept me pumped. S.P., age 15
  • “This program is really fun and I hope that it can continue. Ki-ahh!” B.L., 9th grade
  • “I LOVE it!!! I get tired though.” A.S., age 15
  • “I actually find this to be a really fun and interesting class. I’d like to do it again. :-)” L.W., age 14
  • “This program was really fun. It made me actually get up and exercise without feeling like I’m exercising. I now know how to punch.” J.B.
  • “I enjoyed the classes. I would like for you to come back. Thanks Nicole and PK.” M.T., age 15
  • “This class was so fun and educational, however, the sweating was not the best part. But I would like to do this again.” Age 15
  • “I think it’s fun, but really hard and tiring.” A.A., 9th grade
  • “Great class! It’s good for girls to better their self-defense.” AG, 10th grade
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the program and I hope to learn more!” R.J.
  • “The music helps me have more energy and the instructor has so much enthusiasm.”
  • “I really enjoyed doing this class! I would really like to do that sweeping of the leg motion more. It was fabulous! A.R.
  • “I really liked how we learned to protect ourselves and it was really fun.” A.B.